When to go to Parga

What is the best time of the year to travel to Greece?

This question can not be answered in general.

Each time is beautiful in Parga and has its own charm.

The most hotels, apartments, restaurants and shops are open from Easter to end of October. The main vacation time of the Greeks is from the beginning of July to end of August. This is the time where the temperatures are highest.

But also the winter is very beautiful in Parga.

The climate is milder than in northern Europe. Of course it is much colder in comparison to the summer especially in the evening. The weather is diversified by many sunny days and also windy and rainy days. You have the opportunity to drive a few kilometers away, and to be in the mountains in the snow or parallel to stay in Parga in the sun and enjoy a coffee.


In order to have a precise idea what the temperatures are here in Parga we have collected average values (°C):

January 13-05, February 14-05, March 16-07, April 19-10,
May 24-13, June 29-17, July 32-19, August 32-19,
September 28-17, October 23-13, November 18-10, December 14-06

Greek festivals and holidays

Festivals and Holidays are be celebrated all over Greece.

Especially in the Summer months many village festivals and churche festivals take place with a lot of live music, food and dancing.

Some important holidays are:

25.03 - National holiday in memory of fight for freedom in 1821

Easter (changing date) - The Greek Orthodox Easter is a festival where family and friends gather. The Easter procession on good Friday evening and the Mass in the night from saturday to easter sunday are the highlights. Easter Sunday and easter monday are the days where it is celbrated with lots of food with the famous grilled greek easter lambs, the red-colored eggs and the traditional easter pastries. You should try at least once to be at easter in Greece.

01.05 - Labor Day - flower wreaths are braided and many Greeks have a picnic, or gather for a barbecue.

15.08 - Assumption of Mary. This day is celebrated very big in Parga. A few days before ther will be various social events with music and dances. On the small island with the church (Panagia) Churches Masses are held. The small boats take visitors from the harbor to the island and back. The highlight of the celebrations is a great firework with is accompanied by music.

28.10 - "Ochi Day" in memory of resistance against the occupiers in the second world war.