Parga is a small coastal town, on the mainland, in Epirus.

To summarize the charm and the beauty of Parga in a few words is not possible.

If you see Parga on images the first impression is this here is an island but you see the mainland.

Parga is enclosed by mountains with olive and pine trees and generally it is very green in the region.

The houses in their beautiful colors are nestled in the hill and Parga seems like a large amphitheater.

Another beauty of Parga is the small island of “Panagia” with the small church and the large imposing Venetian castle on the hill above the city.

The small harbor promenade of Parga offers the visitors lots of little cafes, restaurants and is a very nice place to go for a walk.

Also the small narrow streets with its small shops, churches and beautiful buildings is a beautiful place to take a walk.

But Parga offers the visitor much more.

You will find here and in the surrounding gorgeous beaches with crystal clear water.

From sandy beaches, pebble beaches, large spacious beaches, to small cozy beaches, you will find for every preference the right.

But also for hiking enthusiasts or for those who are interested in the Greek mythology and culture the area offers much to discover.

You see Parga is the ideal place for relaxing holidays and these were just a few examples of what you have to expect here.

Come and discover for yourself the beauty of our region and spend unforgettable weeks here.

We already want to welcome you


and wish you good holidays