The region around Parga offers the visitor many opportunities for excursions. If you like hiking, cycling, visiting of historic sites, or just like to go swimming here in the region you will find something for every area of ​​interest. Here some suggestions for you.

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  • Venetian Castle of Parga

    The castle is located at the top of Parga.

    It was built to protect the town from the mainland and the sea from the Turks and pirates. The castle was built in the 11th century and has been occupied by various rulers ( Romans, French, Turks, Britsh ) but none have left their mark as much as the Venetians. The castle was rebuilt in the 13th century. In the 15th century it was occupied by the Turks and retook by the Venetians in the 16th century who rebuilt it again. Parga was sold to the Turks in the 18th centuries and was under the rule of Ali Pasha

    You can reach the castle from the harbor through the narrow winding streets and stairs. The climb is worth it for the beautiful view you have from here and the many small shops that you pass. From here the visitor can see on the one side the small harbor with small fishing boats and the small island Panagia with the church and from the other side Valtos Beach.

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  • Castle Ali Pasha

    The Castle Ali Pasha

    is located in Anthoussa a small village about 3 km away from Parga. It was built in 1814 by Ali Pasha of Ioannina during the siege of Parga.

    From here you have a fantastic view to the islands of Corfu and Paxos if the weather is fine. At night the castle is lighted so that it can also be seen very well from Parga.

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  • Acheron River

    The Acheron river

    is known as a river of Hades. In ancient greek mythology it is one of the rivers of the greek underworld.

    Acheron River is located in Gliki 25 km from Parga. The springs are in an area of outstanding natural beauty which invites you to relax and hiking.

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  • Nekromantio

    The Nekromantio

    is also known as the gateway to Hades. Here the dead were prepared for their journey to the underworld in ancient times. The ferryman Charon brings the souls of the deceased, for a fee, from the shores of Acheron into the underworld.

    Nekromantio is located in Mesopotamo 20 km from Parga. It is a place worth visiting for those who are interested in the Greek mythology.

    More suggestions for excursions are coming soon !!!